Seeking Awesome HTML Goddess

May 23, 2020


You may a be wondering why this website looks like it was built 20 years ago. Please allow me to explain. A few months ago, someone shared this website at work.

I'm not sure I would ask the same questions of a perspective mate, but it was also clear, concise, simple to use, and blazing fast. To top it off it had a Google PageSpeed score of 100. A man taught himself HTML and CSS, built himself a website, and put it on the internet, to find love. It got me thinking, in our ceaseless march towards a bigger and better internet, have we forgotten who HTML was originally created for?

That's why I made this site generator. It's a no frills, website generator, which allows you to write HTML and CSS like its 1999, as the W3C intended, because the web should not just be accessible to those wanting to consume, but also to those wanting to create.

In setting out on this endeavor I set myself a few principles by which I am doing my best to strictly adhere.

  1. It will be simple as humanly possible to use. No classes, no javascript. No frills. You want fancy, go here, you want simple, you've come to the right place. Changing a theme is as simple as dropping in any stylesheet that targets plain HTML elements, like so.
  2. It will be accessible in every sense of the word. Accessible not only to people with disabilities, but to people who are not programmers, may have slower internet connections, or may need to get something up and running quickly without a fuss.
  3. It will be extendable. I have little desire to have to argue with people about what should or should not be included in my glorious creation. If someone wants to clone this project and turn into a code splitted react application, be my guest, but it will always be built for someone like my dad who can't figure out how to work the smart TV.
  4. It will be fast. It's time to put the hyper back in hypertext. Without all the complexity of what is standard issue with most websites, this is actually comes out of the box.
  5. It will be free. No corporations, middlemen, or censors. If you have a computer and you can figure out how to connect it to the internet, you can serve whatever website you want.

I honestly don't know if this will be seen by anyone, but if you're out there, and you're reading this, and you want to make a website but you don't know where to start, you can start here.

This framework is very opinionated—in a good way that will make my Goddess-HTML-to-Be incredibly happy—beyond their wildest dreams—and keep her wildly happy for life!

It is flexible on many things. But there are some things it is not flexible on. I respect your time. Therefore, I will begin by asking you a series of eleven questions to see if you meet the inflexible requirements. If not, we'll say goodbye without a kiss.

If you manage to make it through all eleven questions without a kiss-less goodbye, then I will tell you a lot about myself, the relationship I want, and my demanding requirements. I will tell you far, far more than you will see in the repositories on any github profile. Then you will have the opportunity to download a detailed readme and generate your own HTML Goddess. (or just go here)

Sincerely, Developer Jonathan

Click here to see Question 1.