Hello World Wide Web

May 29, 2020

After some hasty coding over the past week, HTML Goddess has been revealed to the masses. It's a sense of both satisfaction and trepidation. Whenever you create something and put it on the internet, you're putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to the criticism of potentially millions of people. If you think it about though, any profound achievement would need to chart through these waters.

I plan to blog my journey as I work through improving this framework to make it usable by as many people as possible. I know that inevitably I'll fall short of perfect, but I hope to at least move the ball in the right direction. I'm a big proponent of the Feynman technique so in blogging about the work, I hope to refine my thinking so as to lead to the best result. It will also give me more hands on time with using the framework so I can dogfood.

"Dogfooding" is the process of using your own thing in-house in order to be your own user tester. One thing I've noticed about whenever I've built a feature or tool that didn't have a product person, is how easy it is to not have foreseen a pitfall for the user. I've found the only way to overcome this is to really get people to use your thing and get good feedback to learn where they get tripped up. If you don't do this you're flying blind. This blog is in a sense a user test with me as the user. I of course hope to have real users someday, and if you're out there and using this tell me what you like and don't like, or something you'd like to have added. I'll build it if I can.