Version 0.0.4

June 5, 2020

After about a week I've manage to add some features.

Spell checking

Note: I had to remove this temporarily as it was causing the install to break on debian. There were a lot of typos when I first launched this site, and so I figured why not add a spell checker to make life easier. The spellchecker defaults to use your system's dictionary so adding a word to that dictionary will resolve any non-errors.

ARIA validation

This is an important one. Even though with plain HTML ARIA should be pretty straight forward, I think it's important to have this validation built into the flow.

Live Reload

Another real time saver. This one was tricky because I didn't want to violate the principle of static HTML. After floundering with webpack's built in live reload server, I wound up rolling my own. You'll notice when you run "npm run serve" it will take the static HTML files in docs and inject the live reload script. This leaves the underlying HTML files alone but still lets you now see updates in near realtime.


I've added a few more stylesheets from MVP, Vanilla, Water, Sakura, and Basic. I really think these no-class css frameworks are neat. Super easy to apply. This article has a lot more.

What's next

All these new features have NPM commands making them easy to use in theory, however, it still requires you know npm, and the goal of the framework is to make that unnecessary. I hope to wrap these npm calls in a GUI interface that will be self contained and easy to use by anyone.